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Paper ID: UTISGAD-2024-4-1-3004
Author: Tuğçe ŞİMŞEK


The aim of this study is to explore health human resource distribution in Türkiye to understand inequalities and their strategic nature. By means of data obtained from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the number of general practitioners, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and midwives at the provincial level in 2021 is analysed. In the analysis, descriptive statistical metrics such as mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation etc. and correlation analysis were utilized. In addition, the findings were supported by visualising them on the map. The study confirms the necessity to see disparity in the allocation of health personnel and to come up with viable health policies that will help increase access to health services. The research findings, with 2021 data, validate the fact that the health workforce is affected by geographical and demographic conditions. This provides insight into the effectiveness of policies to improve the distribution of health human resources that have been implemented from the past to the present. The findings also provide insights that have the potential to guide health human resource planning for the development of future policies. Based on the findings, the study also provides evaluations and recommendations from a human resource management perspective. In this respect, it constitutes an important step towards improving health services by contributing to informed decision-making processes in the field of health human resource management.

Keywords: Health human resource distribution, Health human resource management, Health personnel planning

JEL Codes: O15, C10, P36