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Paper ID: UTISGAD-2022-2-2-702
Author: Neriman ARAL & Emine ARSLAN KILIÇOĞLU


Studies on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education are making progress in the field of education as well as in the fields of economy and technology. These studies, which have made progress in the field of education, have started to take place among the education policies beyond the project and workshop applications. This expansion contributes to the development of entrepreneurship. In this context, entrepreneurs are known as people who update themselves, care about the needs of the society, focus on solving problems, and evaluate their innovative practices and creative thinking skills well. Therefore, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education requires a planning that is based on childhood experiences in the life of the individual. For this reason, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education refers to a process that can take place in an individual’s life, starting from childhood. The child, who started to receive entrepreneurship education in childhood, can take an active role in entrepreneurship-related activities in adulthood. The lifelong process of entrepreneurship from childhood to adulthood highlights the sustainability aspect of entrepreneurship. Sustainability can be explained as the routine continuation of the life of humanity while ensuring the continuity of production and diversity. The process of being sustainable of entrepreneurship is possible by keeping the consumption awareness under control while producing. Sustainable entrepreneurship adopts to create the consciousness of life without harming the universe throughout the life of the individual. In order to ensure the spread and continuity of this situation, it is important to introduce sustainable entrepreneurship education to children at an early age. It is thought that the entrepreneurship education given in the early childhood period will contribute to the realization of sustainable entrepreneurship activities. It is thought that the formation of a sustainable entrepreneurship perception starting from early childhood will enable future generations to use existing resources. From this point of view, in this study, it is aimed to examine sustainable entrepreneurship education for the early childhood period. For this purpose, the related literature has been scanned and the obtained studies have been compiled thematically.

Keywords: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship Education, Early Childhood, Entrepreneurship

JEL Codes: I20, I29, Z0