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Paper ID: UTISGAD-2022-2-1-101
Author: Fatih CURA, Buluthan KARAHAL & Hacı Dede Hakan KARAGÖZ


The purpose of the study is to reveal possible trade partners of Turkey’s polypropylene imports through competitive analysis. Polypropylene, a basic raw material, is used extensively in many sectors. Turkey stands out as the largest importer after China in world polypropylene market. Additionally, Turkeys rapidly growing automotive, construction and plastics industries lead to a continuous increase in the demand for polypropylene products, which makes it necessary to address the issue. In this direction, the world polypropylene industry has been examined within the scope of international trade data and the global competition analysis of Turkey’s polypropylene imports has been revealed by the target market matrix method. Respectively, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and South Korea are the countries from which Turkey imports mostly. However, according to the results of the analysis, the Russia and India were included as the primary target countries for Turkish importers and Turkish market should be seen as an opportunity for global polypropylene exporters and investors. There are very limited studies in the selection of target markets for imports. Therefore, this study will contribute to the literature as the first polypropylene import market analysis.

Keywords: Competitive analysis, international trade, polypropylene market, Turkeys import

JEL Codes: M11, L10